When is group consisting of four men you’ve never heard of a supergroup? When those men have backed everyone from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen to, well, Ricky Martin. New York studio sultans Scott Healy (keyboards), Glenn Alexander (guitar), Mike Merritt (bass) and Shawn Pelton (drums) band together and step into the spotlight as the Coalition on Naked Movies. The eight instrumentals play like a loose four-way conversation, and there’s enough compelling chatter for jazz and rock fans to want to eavesdrop. Bitches Brew disciples will dig the rollicking electric grooves of “Tuna Whiskey,” Alexander pours enough chicken grease on “Coke” for Stevie Ray’s faithful, and the spooky, steely title track might just sneak up on the odd Radiohead fan. No wonder these guys get all the gigs.  –BILL CRANDALL