My Picks: “Party Song” by Oria Aspen

Party Song by Oria Aspen

This was pure fun to record and is pure fun to listen to.  It’s a song by an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter/pianist/flutist Oria Aspen – my daughter.

Yes, it’s hard not to be biased, but her talent, her ear, composing skills and overall musicianship are tremendous, really off-the-hook.  She composed and recorded this song when she was just 16, and it was a challenge for me to really get it right, the way she conceived it and wanted to hear it.  For the solo, I tried many things and several different guitars.  Oria was always very honest and would say, nope not it.  Finally, I picked up a cheap, no-name Strat copy that I had put 57 vintage pickups in and VOILA!!!  That was it…..solo finished, artist happy.

This song also features Shawn Pelton on drums, John Conte on bass and Jeff Kazee on organ. I absolutely love the vibe and energy of this “Party Song.” I encourage you to check out more amazing music from Oria Aspen at and

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  • Oria aspen on

    I just found this, and I remember recording Party Song! The passion that was just flying out of your guitar on that take. Honestly the passion was what sold me on it!

  • Oria aspen on

    It’s not the instrument that makes the music, but rather the passion of the person who is playing that instrument. You can hear greatness and years of practice with every note Glenn Alexander hits!

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