My Picks: Grapefruit Moon – Southside Johnny With LaBamba’s Big Band

Grapefruit Moon – Southside Johnny With LaBamba’s Big Band

I was very fortunate to be involved in this amazing recording a few years back.  My colleague and good friend, the insanely talented  Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg, had the idea of doing a big band recording with Southside Johnny.  Southside is friends with Tom Waits and loves his music.  So they decided to do an entire recording of select Tom Waits songs – arranged for a big band by LaBamba – and featuring Southside on vocals and harmonica. I was thrilled to be involved from the beginning and throughout the entire process.

There are far too many incredible musicians to be listed here, but all of my bandmates from The Coalition – Scott Healy, Shawn Pelton and Michael Merritt – participated in these sessions, as did my colleagues and great friends, Mark Pender and Michael Mancini, along with a host of other cats .

If you don’t have this CD, I encourage you to pick it up at or iTunes or wherever you can find it, as it is pretty incredible.

On the title cut, I was called on to play an intro on nylon string guitar, as well as an archtop throughout for chords and solo fills.  I hope you dig it.



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