My Picks: “Doo Dad” by The Coalition

“Doo Dad” by The Coalition

A  few years back I was in a band called The Coalition, which also featured Scott Healy, Michael Merritt and Shawn Pelton.  In 2004, we recorded and released a CD called Naked Movies (which is available right here on this website!) on Midlantic Records.  It was later re-released on Fractal Entertainment and I have no idea where it is now.  Anyway, this toe-tapper was from our original demo and sadly it never made the final CD.  It is a little number I thoughtfully and affectionately titled “Doo Dad”  This group was trying to blur the lines a bit and at times trying to emulate the collective, group improvisations of early jazz, but in a modern context.  Scott used only vintage keyboards and no synths, and everything was recorded live – with exception of “Drum Sandwich” – but with pre-production and mayhem/percussion tracks for the CD.   If you dig it, check out the Naked Movies CD…’s pretty wild.

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  • Nancy on

    Dig. Dug. Done. Here’s a thought: how ’bout youse guys try some of this on for size on G Street? Gwan. I know y’all like to be loosey goosey there, but this shtuff is loose and tight all at the same time. Gwan. Blow the dust offa some stuff and bring on the cool. We can take it. Seriously.

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