With names like Stubby Bone, Bluesy Bone and Rocky Bone, you wouldn’t expect these picks to be a work of art – but they most certainly are.  Handcrafted from the shells of the western painted land turtle, these picks are more pricey than your average pick, but TOTALLY worth it.  Each of these handmade, tortoise-shell guitar picks are unique AND last forever, unlike the run-of-the-mill plastic picks.  You can use them for strummin’, or wear them as jewelry to get the conversation started.  Let us know, and we’ll even drill a hole in ’em for you!  Makes a great necklace for you or that special someone.  Or, buy two and make them into earrings.  Either way, G Picks will have them talkin’, which is always a good thing…

**PLEASE NOTE: There are additional charges for orders shipped outside the United States. Please contact us for details**

G Picks:  $20 each